Privacy Policy- Virtualscool

Our Privacy Policy is directed by our commitment to the following Privacy visions:

  1.   We’re deeply committed to creating a safe and secure online environment for you.
  2.  We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We established ourselves as a private educational organization so that our mission of education and your trust will not be in conflict with a for-profit motive.
  3.  We strive to provide you with access to and control over the information you give us, and we take the protection of your information very seriously.
  4.   We take extra precautions for our younger learners under the age of 13, including restricting email and child accounts to automatically block features that would allow a child to post or disclose personal information. Hence all account users can only download or share information’s on our site and cannot upload or type any information on our portal except the answers to the self-check exams.
  5.   We do not display advertising on Virtualsool. Our mission is to provide you with a better learning experience, not to sell you products. The prices of some resources are just to maintain our contributing faculties interest in partnering with us in our teaching and learning journey.